The SID Homepage !

Welcome to the SID Homepage !

This page is fully dedicated to music created with the SID synthesizer chip, which can be found in the Commodore 64/128 line of homecomputers.
Why, you ask ?? Because it sounds great !! :)

Here you can find :

detailed technical documentation of the SID chip
in-depth information about the famous SID composers
tons of SID tunes to download
information about SIDPLAY
the SID chart, with the best tunes ranked by you
links to related pages which cover the SID and the C64
information about SID related hardware projects

Download the tunes from the Zoo'98 music competition in PSID format !!

Update #12 for the High Voltage SID Collection is now available for download !!

Take a close look at the SIDSTATION Homepage !!

Read the great new interview with Rob Hubbard taken from Commodore Zone !!

Chris Abbott's Back In Time C64 Audio CD is now available !!

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Last update: Dec 11 1998

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