The C64 SID music tracker for Mac OS X
What is GoatTracker?

GoatTracker is a cross-platform tracker written by Lasse Öörni, producing SID chiptune music for the Commodore 64, and released with source code under the GPL. It is notable for being possibly the only SID chiptune-composer NOT native to the C64, as many alternative composers (including JCH, and CyberTracker) only execute on the C64 or inside C64 emulators. Many SID tunes are available in various formats on the Internet, especially through the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). GoatTracker is capable of directly exporting to the .sid (PSID/RSID) file format in addition to standard C64 PRG files.

This Mac OS X port of GoatTracker integrates the cross-platform code with a standard Mac OS X GUI, and adds additional features, such as MIDI keyboard support and comprehensive built-in help.

Versions of GoatTracker for other operating systems such as Windows and Linux can be found on the Covert Bitops page.


Take a closer look at GoatTracker for Mac OS X:



GoatTracker 2.73 released.

This is a small update that fixes bugs related to MIDI keyboard support and various other little issues.

It's based on the latest version of the GoatTracker source code, works properly with Retina displays and has audio buffering improvements for better playback.

GoatTracker 2.68 released.

After a really long time doing other things, I've finally decided to adapt another version of GoatTracker for Mac OS X. Many things have changed and GoatTracker has definitely matured into a state-of-the-art C64 music editor.

This time around, the Mac OS X integration is much more complete, offering standard keyboard shortcuts, built-in help windows, and open/save dialogs for songs and instruments. There's more room for future improvements though. If you're actively using GoatTracker, please let me know of any ideas and suggestions you might have.

GoatTracker 1.4 released.

GoatTracker 1.4 is a quick port of the popular C64 music editor. Supports output via reSID or the Catweasel card. This is for all those of you who have asked for a way to create their own SID music. Features a .sid export function, to directly create files that work in SIDPLAY.

Developed by Andreas Varga